The below mentioned free tutorial is intended for beginners only. Please do not go deep into technical details as it was omitted intentionally keeping in mind the knowledge level of beginners. Free tutorial on various topics related to computer (software, hardware, internet, email, osi and webdesign.), textiles (sources, usages, types, production and treatments), investment (primary market, secondary market, mutual funds, stocks and investment rules) and jewelry (platinum, diamond, gold and gemstone) are given here in a simple to understand manner.

Follow the links for tutorial on Computer - Software, Hardware, Internet, Email, OSI and Webdesign.    
Follow the links for tutorial on Textiles - Sources, Usages, Types, Production and Treatments.    
Follow the links for tutorial on Investment - Primary Market, Secondary Market, Mutual Funds, Stocks and Investment rules.
Follow the links for tutorial on Jewelry - Platinum, Diamond, Gold and Gemstone.

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Free tutorial for beginners

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