Staying healthy requires a deliberate attempt on the part of each one of us. The health of a family depends to a great extent on the attitude and knowledge of the mother. If you know about certain basic concepts regarding health, it will help to a large extent in improving the health status of not only your immediate family but also of the society and the nation.

It is critical to maintain one's ability to move, and that means having a reasonable body weight. Your metabolism slows steadily every decade. We need less food today than we did 10 years ago. Physical fitness is not only about external appearance. Regular exercising helps to prevent lots of diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It is one of the most important things for improving your quality of life.
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Natural ways to maintain health

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Staying healthy is vital for a good living. Every one agrees that health is wealth, but no due attention is paid until one fall sick. The “wealth of health” is felt and realized only when one undergoes the pain and disabilities of sickness.

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